An Empty Playground

What do you get when you add together a quality hosting plan that is very cheap, a bored developer, and a dad with two young children and, therefore, no time or energy to hand? You get a multi-site WordPress installation with lots of sub-sites but not a tremendous amount of content. In other words, you get this site.

At less than $10 per year the 75% hosting sale at NameCheap was just too good to pass up. With a young baby and a boisterous five year old though I don’t have a lot of time or sometimes even desire to engage in much intellectual activity. Setting up WordPress and even fiddling with a little bit of code is pretty fun though.

As a result this site will likely just function as a place for me to mess around (that’s sure to attract lots of visitors).  Who knows though. Maybe something useful or interesting will occasionally pop up.

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